Anaerobic Septic Systems

What does an anaerobic septic system look like?

Here is a simple cross-section view of a basic anaerobic septic system:

       Anaerobic Septic Tank

1) Effluent from the house enters the first compartment of theseptic tank where solids settle out and fall to the bottom of the tank.

2) The effluent gravity flows to the second compartment of the septic tank where it settles out a little more before being discharged through the chosen method of disposal

Anaerobic or conventional type septic systems only process waste effluent to about 32%. The remainder of the treatment process is left up to the natural bacteria found in the soil and evapotranspiration.

The anaerobic septic tank and leach field pair is septic tank technology that has been around for decades. They can work if installed in the right area and are properly cared for but simply can't meet the efficiency standards of aerobic technology. New installations of this type of septic system are now prohibited in many areas.

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